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Dr. Myrline speaking sessions are about being intelligently and innovatively RISKEE™ in life, career, relationship and business.  At the end of her presentations, attendees have specific snap shots action they can apply immediately.  She empowers her audience to take active steps to

  1. Redefine their identify

  2. Invigorate their life

  3. Salvage what is left from the past

  4. Kneel and knock

  5. Emerge triumphant

  6. Evolve into the next dimension

Keynote Speaking Topics

Topic #1.

From Failures to Fabulous.

Description: Receive the inside secrets to shift the trajectory of your life no matter where you came from. Regardless of how many times you failed, Dr. Myrline can show how to use your failures and pivot for success.


Topic #2.


Your Boaz, not what you expect.

Description: Single women will get the inside scoop on how to be fully complete and open up to find a life partner.  Bring your list ladies. Dr. Myrline will help you tear it down and find your true love.


Topic #3.


Empowered women 4 steps to live vibrantly and abundantly

Description: The secret formula on how to get off your crutch and soar like a kite.  Dr. Myrline will teach 4 simple yet highly effective steps on how to use the wind to push you higher.


Topic #4. 


The Power of Pain

Description: Diving deep inside the pain, Dr. Myrline will show you how to pull your gain. You will see your pain as an invitation and a platform for the performance and manifestation of your highest life calling.  The question is: can you truly launch into the deep?


Topic #5.


How to have it all, and not crumble under your hats.

Description: At any point in life, you wear a multitude of hats. And Yes, you can ‘have it all.” You need to define your ‘all.’ Dr. Myrline will P.R.O.V.O.K.E. you to drop perfection and embrace harmony and sanity.

3 takeaways:

1. Set boundaries.
2. Fiercely protect your boundaries.
3. Live unapologetically Happy

Images to use for Speaking

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