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Dr. Myrline Rose Belzince, MD, is a mother, a Pediatrician and a Psychiatrist with added specialization in forensic psychiatry.  She is the former CEO of ROSE Campaign for Girls, a non-profit organization that served girls in rural Haiti. She is a transformational Life Coach. She is using her expertise and talents to lead women to dominating victory.  In her spare time, she loves to exercise and spend quality time with her family.



Dr. Myrline Rose Belzince, M.D. was born and raised in Haiti, the most beautiful island on earth, as she refers to her birth home.  She immigrated to the USA in July 1999.  She has worked hard to support herself and obtain her education.  Her path is far from being a straight one.  She has enjoyed moments of pure bliss and joy.   She has also experienced unexpected detours, blinding obstacles, punitive criticism, myriad of failures and dangerous trials and exhilarating adventures all along her journey. But…But she has found favor and grace.  She sees beauty even amid the worse circumstances.  She believes that every person is created beautifully.  Every human being is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Every woman possesses the grit to live intelligently bold.   She believes that every woman possesses the ability to roar like a lion, leap like a cheetah and pull like the horse.

Her first passion is to P.R.O.V.O.K.E. women to live purposefully and to pursue their wildest dreams. Their success and their wholeness are her heart’s desire.  She dropped a stable job to pursue her wildest dream of becoming a physician.  Now her dream is even wilder, to reach women and lead them to an abundant life. She wants to be a role model to women who want to live well and make healthy choices to nourish their body, mind and soul. Dr. Myrline is an avid cook.  She loves to exercise. She loves the endorphin rush she gets after her exercises either through a simple walk or just dancing it out; not to mention the countless healthy benefits of exercise over all your body systems. She loves to read and write.  She loves to give and receive hugs (even after Covid, lol).


By the way, she has failed so many times at so many things in her life, that failure has become one of her best teachers.  She is inviting you on that journey with her to discover your inherent beauty, your purpose and your passion and how you can pivot and stand tall.  


She is a work in progress, but she makes an intelligent risky move daily in living her abundant life.

Her core belief is “don’t apologize for wanting the best for yourself.”

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